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Our Story


Suntarah.  It all starts with Orange.  The power that comes with embracing change, and facing the future with boldness and vitality.  Suntarah is a beauty brand that is committed to evolving the face of beauty. 


Hi beautiful ❤️

I started Suntarah to merge my love of beauty with my dream of owning a business.  Suntarah was a natural direction for me.  I found that despite all the chapters in my life,  my passion and appreciation for beauty has never wavered. 

As the child of Pakistani immigrants I grew up with a complicated sense of identity, and with that, beauty.  I always felt like a voyager, as if my heart was never fully complete, always yearning for a part of me that was distant. And that I never fully belonged in any one place.  But yet, my heart feels richer for that. 

Our relationship with beauty can be as complicated and dynamic as our identities.  At Suntarah we aim to bring you luxurious, high quality beauty products that can help you celebrate your innate and unique beauty.  And that can help you express your ever evolving identity through beauty.  Suntarah is an ode to the journey of self love, celebration, and expression.  

I hope that you find Suntarah a place of community and belonging.  And I hope that you join us as we grow, and give us the honour of being a part of your beautiful journey.  Follow us @suntarahbeauty on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, and subscribe to our newsletter if you haven't already! You'll be the first to know about our product updates, promotions, and other exciting news ✨

Love Always 😘




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